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Conference output

Output from the CODIAC conference held on 26-27 October 2021.


    The CODIAC 2021 conference will result in three different types of outputs: projects, a white paper, and various articles. Read more about the results here and sign up to make project ideas become reality.

    Projects identified from gaps in knowledge and/or practice in user involvement

    At the CODIAC conference, gaps in knowledge and practice of diabetes care, prevention and research were identified during plenary presentations and not least through intensive group work. On day two of the conference a number of future project-ideas were created to fill those gaps.

    Find a brief description of each project

    Each project has a contact person. We invite everyone interested in learning more about the specific projects idea or in joining a project working group, to approach the assigned contact person. The idea is to create new collaborations - hopefully even across borders and between users, researchers and HCPs.

    We still welcome new projects: If you have a project idea that is not already on the list and that you would like to invite CODIAC-community members to join, you can submit it to

    Please describe:

    1. a gap;
    2. an idea for a solution; and
    3. the immediate next steps.

    We will then post it to the project site together with your contact information.

    White paper: Copenhagen Diabetes User Involvement Charter (CODUIC)

    This White paper will comprise recommendations for future user involvement work within diabetes care, prevention, and research based on the scientific evidence, as well as an overview of priority areas for future development.

    Other articles

    In addition to this we will publish other articles (e.g. a scoping review) covering the literature we have identified in the work before the conference. We expect to have these documents ready in the first half of 2022.

    Last updated: 7. December 2021